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This website is designed and maintained by JKor Visions. The intent of this website is to provide authoritative, accurate information presented without bias in a useful, easy to navigate platform. It is our goal that the information be as complete and accurate as possible at the time of publishing.

Much of the information in the articles found here is contributed by professionals who are currently working in – or retired from their respective industries. Others are researched and written by our team and submitted for final editing before publishing.The articles and all content may be re-written, added to, changed and republished at any time to improve accuracy and completeness.

We maintain an open invitation to industry professionals – including trades-people, engineers, architects, home builders, home inspectors, as well as home and property owners to contact us concerning any of the content on this website in regards to correctness, accuracy, and completeness and could include any new information, updates, changes to building codes, new developments in materials, procedures, or techniques.

We encourage industry professionals to submit articles to us for publishing on this website. Those articles are subject to review and may be published as submitted or edited for accuracy, conflicts of interest, and grammatical content.

If changes are made to an article resulting from your contact to us, or if your article is published here, you and/or your company will be acknowledged on this website for your contribution unless you specifically tell us not to acknowledge you.

We welcome your contributions. We welcome your participation. We welcome your comments.

We may be contacted at  jkor@myhousehq.com .

* Please note that any material that you send to us – such as articles, photos, drawings, etc. – will remain your property and that by submitting them to myhousehq.com you agree that we may use them without restriction in whatever way we deem necessary and beneficial to the promotion of this website, our business and the industry in general.

It is our sincere desire and hope that you will find this website informative and useful and that you will make regular use of it.

JKor Visions

*LICENSE TO MYHOUSEHQ.COM: Myhousehq.com claims no ownership to any items you submit unless you specifically say so when you do submit. By submitting your articles, photos, drawings, and any other content and data to us, you grant to myhousehq.com, its successors and assigns, the worldwide, royalty-free, unrestricted and nonexclusive license to use, distribute, display, reproduce, and create derivative works from such material in any and all media, in whatever way we deem necessary and beneficial to the promotion of this website, our business and the industry in general. You also authorize the downloading and printing of such material, or any portion thereof, by any and all users of this website for their personal use. This license shall not terminate.


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