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You love your house. Most people do. Generally, people only start to hate their houses when problems start showing up. The roof starts leaking. The furnace is acting up. The basement wall is cracking. Countless other little things that you just don’t have time for and can’t afford to fix right now.

You can’t ignore it.

Proper regular attention and maintenance will lead to longer life for the components of your home. Their efficiency will increase, repair frequency will decrease, and quite probably, you will avoid system failure – and even possibly avoid major damage which could be very costly to repair. Most people know this.

The problem is that with every house there are so many things to look at – so much to consider – it can be overwhelming. And as confusing as it can be, most people aren’t even aware of all of the little things that can make a huge difference in the over-all stability of the many interacting, inter-dependent systems of your house.

The aim of this website is to help you to get to know your house the way the professionals do and to understand what they’re talking about when they come to perform work on your house. Those of you who prefer to do-it-yourself will greatly benefit from what you learn from these pages – and possibly even get it right.House Cutaway

We will leave no stone un-turned, no tile un-lifted, no covering left un-peeled, and no secret un-revealed. So, come on in – take a good look inside that house of yours – and keep the love alive.

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